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We are a small young Cattery based out of Breton, Alberta, Canada.
We specialize in European Maine Coons cats.

Our Maine Coon prices vary, depending on:
sex, polydactyl, non polydactyl or color. Please email or contact me through Facebook private message @maineficentcoon for more information!
All our Maine Coons come spay/neutered, 2x Vaccinated, Dewormed, Microchipped, Health Checked and Registered threw TICA.
TICA Rules states all kittens can leave our care at the age of 14 weeks old.
for more information on prices you can email me or click on the "Learn More" link to private message me directly threw Facebook.


Maine coon was generated in North America. More than 250 years ago, in the harsh climate of Maine; with short summers and very snowy winters, there were these amazing cats. Common legend was that the Maine Coon was the result of cross-breeding of a domestic cat and the raccoon. Not true of course. In fact, the ancestors of the Maine Coon are longhaired cats, imported by the first settlers from Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The natural look of the Maine Coon formed the rigors of life on the American continent, where only the strongest survived in the difficult conditions of the wild.

Due to the characteristic of brushes on their ears and their "tiger gait," Maine Coon resembles a small lynx or jungle cat, but unlike their carnivorous relatives, are very friendly.

 These cats have a luxurious wool and impressive size; the Maine Coon is considered one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. Although the average weight of the Maine Coon male is 7-9 kg and female - 5-7 kilograms, they make a lasting impression, and it seems that they weigh much more.

 Maine Coons are very hardy, active and get along well with children and other pets, but at the same time shy and delicate. Maine Coons love to sleep in strange and peculiar positions and places.


Care for them does not require much effort; (once a week comb out). They love to play and perform a variety of tricks.  You will never find two animals that sound the same. This breed is equally adapted to life indoors and outdoors, but the ideal habitat for them can be a private house, with a well equipped place for walking.

 The Appearance of Wool

In an adult Maine Coon their coat have three lengths. They have a lovely thick undercoat as well as longer guard hairs. This makes the cat extremely soft to the touch and allows them to keep warm. Over time they develop a third, outer layer coat. This coat is long and rough than normal guard hairs. Thanks to this protective coat, even in snow and rain the Maine Coon does not get wet.

The Maine Coon observes seasonal growth undercoat with their mane and pants. However, these cats do not require special care and are ideal for those who love long-haired cats, but do not have time for daily combing.


The Maine Coon has a large enough head with large, intelligent eyes. It is decorated with a long expressive mustache. Very often at the ends of the ears are more long hair, they form a brush, and indeed are not a mandatory feature of the Maine Coon, but it is highly desirable in this case.


This breed is inherent with a long rectangular body with a broad chest. They have a long massive tail with a broad base. Hair on the tail is much longer than the body.


The modern cat breeds of Maine Coon come in many different colors, although traditionally considered "wild" color or agouti; There are no Maine Coon Siamese colors, and colors of chocolate, fawn, and the like.

 Advantages of having a Maine Coon:

-very clever
- loves fun and games
- have a pleasant and unique voice
-easily adaptable
- Gets along with children
- an even temper
- does not require special care



Cat from large to very large size, has a muscular, sprawling and big-boned body of a rectangular format. Muscular neck has an average length, chest broad. Limbs of medium length, strong, muscular, long legs, round, with tufts of hair between the toes. The tail is long, at least to the shoulder, wide at the base, tapering to a pointed tip, pubescent flowing hair. 


The head is large, massive, direct, sharp outlines. Cheeks high, the nose of average length. Profile of curved shapes. The box is massive, angular and clearly delineated. The chin is strong, solid, is in line with nose and upper lip.


The ears are very large, broad at the base, ending badly, set high, nearly vertical. The distance between the ears is not greater than the width of one ear. Brush stand for ear edge tufts are desirable.


The eyes are large, oval, set well apart and at a slight angle; the color should be uniform and harmonizing with coat color.


The undercoat is soft and fine, covered with a hard dense hair. Thick, freely flowing water repellent outer coat covers the back, sides and top of the tail. The lower part of the body and the inner surface of the hind legs have no top coat. It is desirable frill, but a full collar is optional.


Chocolate, cinnamon and a corresponding weakening of colors (lilac and fawn) are not recognized in any combinations (including tabby, bicolor, tricolor); acromelanism colors ( seen in Siamese and Himalayan cats) is a genetically determined, temperature-dependent pigmentation pattern, with full expression only occurring on legs, ears, tails and face. are also not recognized. All other colors are recognized.


Coat of equal length all over the body



Ease of body


Color Code in RESIDENCE XXX xx the NN the NN the NN , where:

XXX - uppercase letter designations breeds of three letters ( MCO - for Maine coon)

xx - lowercase lettering (up to two letters):

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